The One Secret To Becoming A Millionaire Post-COVID19

If you’re like so many business owners today . . .

You’ve been wondering about your retirement plan, or where to place your investment capital for a healthy return, or even where to divulge your entrepreneurial skills. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent civil unrest in many cities, it may have been challenging to pinpoint investing time and capital.

Here’s a Turnkey 6-Figure Business in the Post-Covid World For Qualified Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The best opportunity always presents itself during a crisis; and we should be greedy when others are fearful!

You need to make a wise decision, right? 

The Wealthy Always Gets Wealthier During a Recession, YOU CAN DO THE SAME THIS TIME!

This is the most ideal time to “leap into luxury” by acquiring the rights to operate your own turnkey, cash-flowing vacation property in the beautiful State of Arizona, one of THE most in-demand spots for today’s sophisticated, intelligent and discerning travelers, who want:

    • Ample space for the perfect family “staycation” with indoor and outdoor fun for all ages and group sizes
    • Privacy, cleanliness and safety that hotels and resorts just can’t provide today
    • Beautiful surroundings with plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities
    • Space suitable for family or small business gatherings while public venues are closed
    • Perfect amenities and surroundings for celebrating upcoming holidays and special occasions

Our portfolio of properties is booked solid, even with COVID ravaging the travel industry! We are actually busier than ever before!! 

That’s why we’re acquiring more cash-flowing assets and offering people like you the opportunity to operate them as our partner and keep virtually all the profits . . .

It’s Finally Your Turn Now To Get Ahead of The Curve!

The LuxHomePro Companies entered the upscale Short-Term Rental (STR) industry in 2018 and rapidly grew into a premier training and education brand, teaching people to locate, negotiate, set-up, market and operate high-end vacation rental properties.

Our special magic is acquiring long-term leases on selective properties that consistently generate substantial income year after year, all without any of the costs of ownership! In just over two years, we acquired property leasing rights to 25 luxury homes in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, many of which are now operated by our former students.

Today, we continue to acquire even more leasing rights to many more in-demand homes through our extensive referral network. We’re now seeking entrepreneurs and business owners to join us and profit together for annual 6-figure turnkey business locations.

When Opportunity Knocks, ANSWER THE DOOR!

Featured Properties

Projected Annual Income:
$160,000 – $175,000

Projected Annual Expenses:
$110,000 (1st Year)

Projected Annual Profit (EBITDA): $50,000 – $65,000

Projected Annual Income:
$220,000 – $255,000

Projected Annual Expenses:
$138,000 (1st Year)

Projected Annual Profit (EBITDA): $82,000 – $117,000

Projected Annual Income: 
$95,000 – $110,000

Projected Annual Expenses:
$63,000 (1st Year)

Projected Annual Profit (EBITDA): $32,000 – $47,000

Is this Opportunity Ideal For You?

These AZ properties are perfect for an entrepreneur or investor who wants to jump into the STR business for immediate cash flow. You’ll generate healthy income within your first 6-8 weeks after you’re fully dialed in!

The ideal Operator Partner for this property is a person or MARRIED couple:

• With solid credit (680+) or “Accredited Investor” status

• With at least $100,000 annual income

• With at least $250,000 unencumbered liquid assets available to invest in a property location prior to entering into the program. While this is a minimum requirement, TPP may require that an applicant have a significantly higher amount of unencumbered liquid assets available to inject into a larger or multiple-location purchase.

• With basic real estate, hospitality, STR business and/or other prior business experience

• Ability to learn computer/Internet, property booking/management apps and software

• Ability to communicate clearly with others and understand how to balance operations between customer service and profitability

• Ability to self-motivate and overcome business challenges

• Can pass a credit and background check

As a TPP Operator Partner, you’ll run the property and keep the monthly profits, month after month, less our 5% Partner Fee. TPP will assist with property lease negotiation and contract directly with you to operate the property.

**Furnishing inventory excluded


About The Short Term Rental Business

A massive shift in consumer behavior has transformed the travel industry as millions of travelers shifted from hotels to private homes and spacious apartments as their first choice for accommodations. Sites like AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway process thousands of lodging transactions weekly.

According to CBRE, by 2019 AirBnB accommodations alone accounted for 9% of all lodging units in the 10 largest U.S. markets. What’s more, AirBnB units are doubling annually, while the hotel industry is adding new units at only about 1% each year. After Coronavirus, hotel demands are down while private homes are in high demand for vacationers and business travelers! 

The truly remarkable thing about the growth in short-term rentals is that only about 10% of travelers today are even aware of their existence! Yet, according to Bloomberg, once people have tried renting a private home at least once, they’re hooked, with under 39% saying they still prefer hotels.

Goldman Sachs research into this consumer trend confirms that “people ‘do a 180’ in their preferences once they use a private home rental. They move directly from preferring traditional hotels to preferring private home accommodations.

While the COVID19 pandemic temporarily impacts the travel industry, larger private home rentals are in higher demand than ever before, as families seek spacious, uncrowded accommodations with plenty of outdoor space and private recreation.

Meanwhile, Millennials are fueling future growth in the private home rental sector. According to research conducted by Travelport, 55% of millennials plan to travel more in the next 12 months, compared to 31% of Generation X respondents and 20% of boomer respondents. According to Forbes, Millennials took an average of 3.5 vacations during the past 12 months, and 35% of Millennials intend to take even more vacations in the upcoming months post-Covid. Millennials are also more likely to spend bigger money on upcoming vacations. Thirty-four percent plan to spend over $5,000 on upcoming vacations, which was the most of any of the age groups surveyed. 

Worried About How to Manage a Short-Term Rental Property?

If you love the idea of profiting year after year with your very own short-term rental property operating contract, but you’re concerned about the time needed to effectively market the property, drive more bookings and maximize income, no worries!

Introducing boomSTR, our comprehensive digital marketing agency that continuously drives bookings, gets you direct bookings (so you don’t have to pay the booking site fees), automates your booking calendar, sets your daily prices for maximum income potential and broadcasts your property listing across more than 60 Internet sites, updated constantly with fresh, relevant information travelers love.

Through our special relationship with boomSTR, you can opt in to the boomSTR digital marketing services for an exclusive TPP Operator Partner price and put your marketing concerns to rest!

Learn more about boomSTR

Boomstr system

“After joining Lux Home Pro it was a surprise to learn that we could get started with our first luxury rental without even living in Scottsdale.  Within about 6 weeks, we were able to get our first beautiful luxury STR.

Managing (Hosting) this luxury property could not have been accomplished without Lux Home Pro’s professional expertise and assistance and we are preparing for our next luxury STR. 

Lux Home Pro has a complete infrastructure in place of all the support services a host needs to operate a STR business successfully, whether the host resides locally or not.  This is not limited to, but includes essential support personnel such as a caretaker, housekeeping, landscaper, pool service, etc.

The professionals at Lux Home Pro and Lux Home Pro Holdings are an awesome group of support people!  They are always eager to help and answer questions! They have the knowledge and expertise to take an individual’s STR business to new heights in the Luxury Short Term Rental Arena.” -Sherry and Larry

“We are eternally grateful to the LuxHomePro Holdings team for providing us a beautiful rental ready turn key home in record time. In the space of 2 weeks, the Lux team transformed a dated rental home into a beautifully appointed and furnished modern, fresh looking masterpiece.

Jessica’s expertise in interior design was invaluable in transforming our home into a 5 star resort with amazing aesthetics and attention to every detail. The same work would have taken us months to complete with significant downtime and loss of rental revenue.

Because of LHPH, we were able to quickly generate rental income shortly after taking over the lease on our property. LHPH continues to guide us as how to maximize rental revenue for our property – an invaluable educational tool for us” – Doug and Kelli”

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to take over this property today! Why do I have to be qualified?

As you can imagine, the opportunity to generate six-figure incomes from luxury properties during first year in business is something a lot of people are interested in! We are placing an income-generating real estate in your hands, so we must ensure proper upkeep and maintenance and that the property is being used for legitimate business purposes. For these reasons, we need to learn more about your skills, experience, financial strength and readiness to operate the business. We will do our best to qualify your. Our goal is to place you in the ideal property location, and place. We determine these based on what you share with us in the qualification process.

Must I have already operated a rental property to qualify as a TPP Operator Partner?

If you’ve managed a rental property before, that’s great experience. You’re going to be aware of a lot of opportunities and challenges that others may not know. But, operating a short-term rental property has its own set of challenges and opportunities. So, while prior experience in managing real estate is not a requirement to qualify as a TPP Operator Partner, it is helpful, especially if you’ve managed a vacation rental before.