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We are  a private national investment company with a growing portfolio of luxury single-family residences across America

Done For You: 

If you’re maintaining investment properties through long-term leases you may not be maximizing the cash flow value of your portfolio.

Converting your property to a short-term vacation rental could increase cash flow 3, 4 even 5 times. Our team of professionals can assess the vacation rental potential of your property based on a variety of factors we’ve used for years to select and operate our own vacation rentals.

In the past, virtually anyone could simply convert a property to a short-term rental and reap the benefits. But today there is increasing regulation, increasing competition, a dizzying array of marketing options and the need to analyze customer demographics data that makes it nearly impossible for the average person to successfully market a vacation rental without a full-time effort or professional assistance.

Property management companies focused on the vacation rental market can help with creating your listing and tracking income and expenses. But few, if any, understand how to properly stage, price and market your property to specific groups of travelers to maximize occupancy and income. That’s the LuxHomePro Holdings difference — professional advisory to develop a tailored solution that maximizes cash flow and appreciation, with ongoing support to ensure efficiency and profitability. We do the work and share the profits with you.

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Have you been listing your property for sale for a long time without much success?

We understand your frustration! Market conditions are flat at best for the sale of higher-end homes. A flat or declining market is forecasted for the high-end niche properties for years to come. This is the method of choice that can assist with ever changes with the income tax laws, changing with consumer spending habits/preferences and a glut of high-end properties for sale in many markets.

Given these conditions, it may be increasingly difficult to sell your high-end property at a price anywhere near appraised value. That’s where LuxHomePro can help. We unlock the hidden value in high-end properties by repurposing them as vacation rental properties. This strategy can dramatically increase cash flow, which makes a property more valuable in the eyes of investors looking to purchase residential real estate. Best of all, we maintain a network of such investors and also acquire these type of properties for our own account.

Our team can conduct an in-depth assessment of your property to determine its potential as a vacation rental property. Assuming your property is a good fit, we’ll lease-option your property, convert it to a vacation rental, operate the property, share the profits with you and arrange for a sale at a fair price once the property is a seasoned vacation rental. Your holding costs are covered, you see additional income and have the comfort of knowing it is well taken care of and can be sold at a fair price in this difficult market.

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Property Take Over  

Have you been trying to operate one or more properties as vacation rentals but without the success you hoped for?

We understand. The market is virtually exploding as millions of consumers change their travel habits to favor private homes over hotels. The problem is that you face much stiffer competition, more regulation and more reliance on technology that can be difficult to master. All of these factors can chip away at your profits, forcing you to spend more and more time making less and less money.

We are seeking high-end properties in travel destination cities across the United States. Chances are, your property is ideal for a vacation rental, but you lack the time and know-how to bring out its true value. Perhaps you’re ready to sell the property, but are having difficulty getting buyers interest. We can examine the current financial patterns of the property and assess them against our own projected model. Generally, we’ll find a significant gap between what your property is earning now and what it could earn within our network. If that’s the case, we can arrange for a lease-option at a competitive price, take over promotional efforts of the property, increase profits and execute on the option once all our systems are in place.

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